IT & Privacy

Today, IT and the Internet permeate almost all areas of life and business – both in the private and professional sector.

Qualified, specialized legal advice is becoming increasingly important here.
IT law and data protection are not independent legal areas and are therefore not subject to a uniform regulatory system. Rather, they consist of individual sub-areas of national and international legal systems that influence each other. Copyright law, trademark law, data protection law and competition law are just a few of them.

Data protection – DSGVO

After a two-year transitional phase, the basic EU data protection regulation – DSGVO for short – officially came into force on 25 May 2018. The aim of the DSGVO is to bring the level of data protection within the EU to a uniform standard. This will mean more rights for consumers, but also a whole new set of obligations for businesses.

The implementation of the European regulation is a real challenge for many companies, which is also associated with high risks. Violations of the DSGVO are subject to heavy fines, which are supposed to have a „deterrent effect“. The regulation provides for fines of up to 20 million euros or 4 percent of worldwide annual turnover for infringements.


With the rapidly and steadily increasing importance of computers for our entire everyday life, software naturally also plays an important role. In particular, the conclusion of software license agreements is becoming increasingly important.

The software developed by companies or programmers cannot be distributed profitably if no contractual regulations exist with regard to licensing. In the relationship between companies and programmers, the rights of use in particular must be observed. Detailed agreements on the scope of use should be made at the outset of the cooperation in order to prevent problems with the rights of use that arise retrospectively. If such regulations are not made, disputes between the parties can quickly arise. The client can thus secure himself by means of comprehensive, prior agreements. Otherwise he could face demands for royalties.

A lawyer experienced in software law can enforce your claims or avoid legal disputes through a comprehensive contract design.
Intellectual property rights

Due to ever-increasing product piracy and the increasing violation of copyrights, the protection of intellectual property is more important than ever today.

The specialized attorneys and law firms of ILE offer you well-founded advice on all aspects of intellectual property law. This includes in particular copyright law, trademark law, patent law and competition law.