ILE CONNECT is a global network of independent commercial law firms whose aim is to offer its clients optimal cross-border legal advice from a single source, combining the highest quality standards with experience and cost efficiency in contractual matters, claims processing and litigation or the enforcement of claims.

Every law firm at ILE enjoys a recognized reputation in its respective markets as an excellent consulting firm that has grown over many years.

Under the umbrella of ILE, our network law firms operate independently in individual national matters as well as in teams in cross-border clients. ILE is more than just a loose association of law firms. This has the advantage that clients do not have to spend time and resources to build their own network of law firms or a team of lawyers, test their quality and reliability and coordinate their activities.

ILE represents and advises companies from medium-sized companies to industrial groups in almost all legal matters in commercial law, commercial law and company law as well as private individuals in family law, inheritance law and business succession. In addition, our lawyers focus on product liability and other insurance and liability matters.

Unlike many other networks, we have been working together effectively, efficiently and exclusively in numerous cross-border mandates for years. Our clients benefit from this joint experience:

We speak the language of your company:

The law firms of ILE are medium-sized consulting firms that have also developed dynamically in medium-sized businesses in response to the challenges of increasing globalization. The attorneys are fluent in German and English as well as their native language. This enables communication without language barriers and enables optimal communication for the best possible advice and representation of interests before the courts.

Local knowledge/International reach:

ILE members are located in various jurisdictions worldwide. Therefore, you will always find a lawyer near the place of damage, court or negotiation. We are not only familiar with local regulations, culture, courts and authorities, but are also able to anticipate, inform and respond quickly and effectively to changes in local markets and their impact on our clients‘ global activities.

Quality control:

Every ILE law firm enjoys an outstanding reputation for proven high legal and operational quality. This means they can rely on a uniformly high quality standard regardless of the location of the event. We attach great importance to direct contact, personal coordination and accessibility.

Client orientation:

In our organisation we reflect the structures of modern industrial companies. Our work processes are secure, are constantly optimised and wherever possible digitised and standardised – e.g. in international debt collection (ILE 24/7). Our actions and cooperation are characterised by transparency, reliability and trust both in the cooperation with clients and among colleagues. On this basis, our member firms have maintained trusting business relationships with many clients for decades.

Cost efficiency:

At ILE, we are aware of the need to keep an eye on legal fees and agreed budgets. Our services are free of charge and our partner law firms have developed a culture of efficient work. It is important to us that they receive exactly the scope of advice they need in their mandates. At ILE, we have developed and implemented measures to streamline cooperation in mandate and process management. This enables you to save time and money with ILE even in cross-border cases.

Intellectual capital:

Through ILE, our clients and their insurers have access to lawyers worldwide who share their information and knowledge across national and industry boundaries. Together with the specific legal knowledge of the international law firms associated with us, this forms the collective intellectual capital of ILE from which you as a client benefit. For each transnational mandate, we put together teams that can draw on an optimal mix of experience, knowledge and experience.