Inheritance & Family Law (EN)

International inheritance law

Each state has its own inheritance regulations. If an estate is in contact with a foreign country, the first question that arises is which inheritance law applies. A foreign contact does not only exist if assets are located abroad, such as the inheritance of a residence located abroad. Rather, a foreign relationship already exists in the case of mixed-national marriages when the foreign partner dies and inherits assets in Germany.

International inheritance cases often have various tax and legal peculiarities that need to be taken into account. It is therefore advisable to consult an expert lawyer at an early stage.

At ILE, we offer you lawyers throughout Europe who are very familiar with the respective national inheritance law and the associated tax law.

Let a lawyer from our network of international commercial law firms advise you on this important topic and thereby take the best possible precautions. Comprehensive legal advice from a lawyer familiar with foreign inheritance law can eliminate any difficulties and problems in advance. In addition, the early design of sensible regulations can ensure that relatives are not unnecessarily burdened with inheritance and tax difficulties in the event of inheritance.

International inheritance law is a legal matter that can only be reliably surveyed by absolute experts. There are a large number of relevant legal norms which, in contrast to pure German law, are not summarised in one law, but can be found in a wide variety of places, namely in bilateral international treaties and agreements, in the norms of German private international law (IPR), in the norms of the respective foreign private international law, in German substantive inheritance law and in the respective foreign substantive inheritance law.

Only in the combination of all these provisions and sufficient practical experience of how these provisions interact can reliable and legally secure advice be given on cross-border matters.

ILE‘ experts with many years of experience have been advising cross-border inheritance cases in Europe and all parts of the world for many years. They are optimally trained in order to quickly, reliably and legally recognize the relevant problem area in your case, to evaluate it and to find an appropriate solution.

International Family Law

International family law is playing an increasingly important role as the number of bi-national marriages is growing steadily. At the same time, however, each state has its own regulations on international family law.
Therefore, problems often arise when multinational marriages fail. Then it is already questionable which law applies to a divorce and its subsequent matters. The following matters include matrimonial property law, custody, maintenance law and contact law as well as pension rights adjustment. In particular, custody and the right of contact for the common child or children are of particular importance for binational marriages abroad.

Especially in this often emotionally charged situation, it is important to have a reliable and experienced lawyer at one’s side who is well versed in both national and international family law. Because with a foreign purchase it applies to overview and correctly apply various national and international regulations. Our lawyers will advise you comprehensively and take the time to respond to your personal situation.

However, it is also possible to take precautions at the beginning of a binational marriage within the framework of a marriage contract. This can be done by choosing the applicable law. In this way, there is greater safety and one load point less right from the start. The attorneys at ILE will advise you comprehensively and competently.

In the event of marriage failure, you can settle wide areas out of court and amicably by means of an out-of-court agreement on the consequences of separation or an agreement on the consequences of divorce. Get legal advice from ILE experts and take the opportunity to settle as much as possible amicably.

Especially an international family matter should only be entrusted to a lawyer you trust. The attorneys at ILE advise you comprehensively on the possibilities of marriage contracts and support you in asserting your claims – both nationally and internationally.