Product Liability

The worldwide movement of goods, high price sensitivity, stricter legal requirements and ever shorter product cycles lead to a steady increase in foreign liability cases, which necessitate the application of the legal systems of at least two countries (coverage and liability). In addition, serial damage and international recalls always affect a large number of countries.

In order to cope with this increasing globalisation of insurance and liability law, ILE has a network of proven experts in product liability and product safety in Germany and Europe, which offers insurance companies and their customers the best possible service and sound legal advice in cross-border cases.

International Experts in Product liability

The international ILE network of lawyers has proven experts in the fields of product liability and product safety with extensive experience in dealing with product liability crisis scenarios. Our team of specialized attorneys handles cross-border product recalls from the B2B, military and medical product sectors as well as from the B2C sector, including the necessary communication with the authorities.

Through ILE you benefit in international product liability cases from the in-depth legal knowledge of the network partners in their respective legal and procedural systems as well as their insurance law expertise.

The legal experts of ILE support you in your product liability challenges, both in Germany and in Europe and worldwide.