Commercial & Company Law

International Commercial Law

International distribution law

Distribution law contains a multitude of regulations that serve to mediate the sale of goods and services. Sales are mainly mediated between companies and commercial agents and authorised dealers, but also between franchisors and franchisees. International distribution of goods is also becoming increasingly important. The long-standing experienced and specialized commercial law firms of ILE advise on national and international distribution law.

International Law on Commercial Agents

Increasingly important are agency contracts with an international dimension. Problems can arise in these cases, particularly with regard to the commercial agent’s right to compensation after termination of the contract. While an EU directive entitles commercial agents throughout the EU to compensation or reparation after termination of the contract, commercial agents outside the European Union have little or no protection. In this respect, it is advisable to seek legal advice from ILE when drafting contracts as well as in disputes. Our network of lawyers with international experience is the right contact for you.

International Company Law

Mergers, takeovers and company acquisitions give rise to a multitude of legal issues.

There are different methods of acquisition, depending on the structure of the owners and the legal form of the companies involved. On the one hand, a share deal or an asset deal may be considered. In an asset deal, all assets of a company are sold. In a share deal, the shares in the company being sold are sold.

If a company is privately owned, a purchase contract, which may have to be notarised by a notary, is sufficient. A typical feature of stock corporations is that the buyer acquires a majority shareholding. It can then exert influence on the composition of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board and in this way determine the future path of the company.

The legal experts of ILE support you in the preparation of the transaction or integration and examine the risks associated with the purchase within the scope of a comprehensive due diligence. The target company is comprehensively checked for risks and its suitability. Of particular importance here are existing employment relationships and contracts, the tax effects, ongoing legal proceedings and other possible risks in connection with the takeover.

The commercial law firms of ILE advise you individually or as a team in the drafting and negotiation of contracts, the selection and review of the target company as well as at the beginning of the conclusion of a confidentiality clause, a Non Disclosure Agreement NDA or a Letter of Intent LOI.