Contract management

Our high-qualified partners in Europe, provide legal advice to internationally acting companies such as OEM, 1st Tier as well as mid-sized companies und producers, distributor, and service providers up to the end production  manufacturer  in international business matters. Your matters are processed at the highest standards.

The attorneys have long-term experience in counselling companies in their fields of profession. They have outstanding knowledge of applicable laws, proceedings and current court legal developments in the country. Every attorney/lawyer is able to communicate and provide advice in English and/or German additional to the local language.

Debt collection management

The professional (inter)national and cross-border debt collection of ILE for companies from companies – the so-called b2b debt collection – starts with the selection and application of suitable actions and it ends with our client’s satisfaction of the principal claim, interest, and collection fees. Special rules apply to any collections in foreign countries. The law firms working for ILE are highly familiar with these rules.

Debtor management

The corporate lawyers connected through ILE have long-term experience in counselling medium-sized companies and large industrial corporations and wholesalers. Services in debtor management include the professional review, optimization and documentation of your operational processes and current contracts from the offer to the receipt of payment.

Creditor advise in customer bankruptcies

Once a customer is insolvent, the standard collection processes no longer apply. The lawyers connected through ILE file your claims with the receiver or before the bankruptcy court and they will assume further counselling in the bankruptcy case such as securing product deliveries, inventory or material provisions, selection of assets or monitoring the payment.